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Prospect of Binary Option

As the professtional financial data show, the turnover of binary option in the world has already covered the 3% of forex turnover, predicted that it will still widen to 10% to 15% in the next five years. Binary option will attract more traders from China and Asia-Pacific region as the market of Japan, Europe and Middle East has reached saturation point. While, we will lose our chance again if we don't take any action in the very beginning of the market, just as we missed the chance in forex, gold and silver market in the past few years. FX77 OPTION, the most professtional binary option broker from UK, welcomes you to advance hand in hand with us to co-build the most professional and fair trading platform!

  • Policy Support
  • International Supervision
  • Platform's Advantages
  • Media Cooperation
  • Development
Mutiple well-paid pattern

As our IB, you have multiple choices on different cooperation modes.
1. Commission on turnover: It is suitable for those IB who have small number of clients and gain high return by guiding their clients to achieving much turnover.
2. CPA mode: It is suitable for those IB who have their own websites and broad circle of friends. You will feel at ease to earn $100-$500 of referral deposits for each client who get account open as long as you put our ads on your websites or mention our website to your friends.
3. Turnover+Net deposit: It is suitable for those IB who have their own finance company. We will support you on every side and hope you will treat us as your sincere friend.

  • Multi-language
    Support Agent

    Our support agent are all well-training financial talents. Now, we have established multi-language support agent with English, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Spanish, Chinese, Cantonese! We will help you with maintaining your clients whole-heartedly and provide trading strategies.
  • Strong financial support

    As a world-class binary option broker, a large portion of the bussiness is benefited from IB, that is why we so value the relationship with IB and give them resourceful support to make sure that they get their commission on time.
  • Ads Support and Housing Allowance

    If you are good at expanding market, you will be authorized to being our general agent of this region. We will give you ads support, housing allowance and try our best to give you full support on your business.
  • Advanced

    FX77 OPTION has the world-leading online trading system, allowing you to check clients' trading activity and accounts' detail.
  • Fund

    As the pilot of Binary Option industry, FX77 OPTION has a strict financial management system, regulated by the most perfect legal system of the Great Britain and supervised by Cyprus Trade Committee. Customers' deposits are held in a seperate account and are not being mixed used with the operating funds. All the funds from clients will be taken out comprehensive insurance to ensure fund security.
  • Quick to deposit
    and withdrawal

    We all believe that getting an account open and transferring money convinently become much vital for customers. Deposit online, VISA and wire transfer are all accepted by FX77 OPTION. If you want to be our agent and intend to consult more details of the business, please E-mail us. We will reply and send you corresponding data as soon as possible.
  • Huanqiu

    which is the press unit available for website to reprint the news,is authorized by Information Office of People's Daily Office and the State Council, co-founded by the People Daily Online and Global Times agency.

  • Global FX

    hosted by Shanghai whale high Cci Capital Ltd, is the biggest vertical portal in forex field

  • Panorama network

    which is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, is the first independent WEB site dealing with securities in Mainland China, providing the public information of some units like National ministries,Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, listed company and so on for the clients right away.

  • Fx77 OPTION

    An affiliates program with No cost, no risk and high return

    FX77 OPTION is looking forward to working with you. Please fill in your information and step on the
    road of fortune!

    Commission settlement

    • Commission
      on turnover

      Source of income
      Commission comes from the overall turnover of all of your clients

      Settlement standard
      Total turnover x return commission ratio

      Settlement time
      15th of each month

    • Commission on
      the first deposit

      Source of income
      The return commission comes from the first deposit amount of the client you recomended.

      Settlement standard
      Total turnover x return commission ratio

      Settlement time
      15th of each month

    • Agent

      Source of income
      The agents who refer their friends to being our agents can get extra reward.

      Settlement standard
      Applicant's revenue + extra commission

      Settlement time
      15th of each month