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  • FX77 Option is proud of our partner New Orleans Pelicans continued its best stretch of the regular season on Jan 29th morning, handling Sacramento a 114-105 defeat in the Smoothie King Center.

  • FX77 Binary Option became sponsor of Pelicans, witnessing its first victory in the regular season.

  • US stock was traded lower this Tuesday afternoon following news of a down Russian warplane the other Syrian border. A Prussian warplane was shot down near the Syrian border this morning, that’s up it reportedly entered Turkish air space.

  • Now US stock are trading sharply lower this Thursday afternoon as investors keep an eye on employment data and several speeches from the Federal Reserve officials. First on the data front, weekly jobless claims came in a 276,000, unchanged over the week but higher than the expected 270,000.

  • US stock traded lower on Thursday following the prime day rally as investors wait the possibility of a December rate hike and financial earnings. We begin on the data front, third quarter GBP showed an annual rate of 1.5%, slightly missing expectations and below the second quarter 3.9% rate.

  • US stock is staying strong trade this Thursday afternoon here at the New York Stock Exchange. As the Wall Street takes in European Central Bank’s rate decision, economic data and a new series of earnings, Draghi comment sent European equity higher and US equity as well. 

  • The US stock’s so well in the red this Thursday afternoon pressured by decline in global market, as investors await for a later speech from Fed reserve Janet Yellen. But we begin on the data front and results were not so great as durable goods showed a decline of 2 percent.

  • FX77 Option, a global leading and fully regulated binary option broker, is entering European market with its debut at Victoria Square in Britain. As the most popular binary option trading platform in the Asian-Pacific region, FX77 Option has made its way to be globalized. 

  • FX77 Option, the world’s leading website for binary options trading, initially provides special helicopter service for VIP clients. We aim to provide more qualified service for our customers and give them a brilliant trading experience.

  • The US stocks are attempting to poise and maintain gains this Thursday afternoon as recovery in oil and main stocks offset increase on uncertainty, heading into the Federal Reserve key meeting next week. But we begin on the data front with an initial jobless claim fell 6,000.

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